Connect Science and Technology with Development


Thank you for visiting Indigenous and Frontier Technology Research (IFTR) Centre 

Indigenous and Frontier Technology Research Centre (IFTR) was established in 2002 as a not-for-profit organization. IFTR was founded to help women in rural areas to stand on their own legs by using an evolving technology - eco-friendly paper production using agricultural wastes. With the change in expectations, it is inclined to take more to the masses. 

IFTR aims to accelerate the use of modern science and technology for development and improve livelihoods various communities. IFTR prefer to acquire, adopt, adapt, retrofit appropriate science and technology products / processes to provide solutions to practical problems faced by people in all spheres of life. IFTR will act as a vehicle for taking technologies / skills to the masses. IFTR will strive to develop suitable technologies in-house or acquire and retrofit to the needs of the target groups. 

IFTR is in the process of establishing a research laboratory to identify solutions for problems faced by communities at large. To support its research activities, IFTR is in the process of getting accredited by respective agencies as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization which will help researchers / students to conduct various experiments and fulfil their research ambitions.

IFTR invites all to participate in its endeavour in whatever possible ways. IFTR is open for collaboration with like-minded organizations / Institutions / Commercial organizations and prepared to take up research and implementation programmes / projects that suit to its expertise. 

We sincerely hope our work will inspire you to take part in making our world a better place.