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Nutrition Awareness

IFTR will be reaching 1000 students this year by conducting programmes in many schools and colleges. Nutrition education is an essential component in improving dietary habits and food choices of people, in order to reverse the under nutrition and improve the quality of life. Poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity can be the main reason for poor nutritional status among younger and older people.

Nutrition Awareness in schools / colleges provide the children and adolescent with knowledge about healthy eating practices and attitudes around food, helping students establish healthful patterns early in life. The awareness programs will include components like classroom instruction by volunteers, good food, bad food, impacts of fast food culture, as well as environmental components such as healthy food menu, classroom snacks, and fruit and vegetable taste tests. The school faculties will also be trained to implement a school wellness programme. IFTR believes that nutrition awareness and education should become an integral part of school even from elementary levels. The students should be given education, training and workshops that increase the knowledge of nutrition and provide options for students to choose to eat at home and school.

Hence, IFTR is striving to educate children to learn nutrition as a hobby but take this important message to their houses for leading a healthy life. For this, IFTR has joined hands with Nutrition Society of India, Chennai Chapter.

Nutrition Awareness Programme at NKT National Higher Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai – 17.10.2019