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Clean Environment – Green Environment

Swacch Bharat Mission

In order to fulfill the dream of making India clean, Prime Minister of India has urged citizens to join the massive campaign to rid India of unhealthy environment and diseases. Calling all citizens to join the massive movement to clean India, Prime Minister observes, that “The pursuit of cleanliness can be an economic activity, contributing to GDP growth, reduction in healthcare costs, and a source of employment.”

The ‘Swacch Bharat Mission” aims to eliminate open defecation by constructing toilets in every household by 2019 and make India a world-class country to live in. The components of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) programme are:

a) Construction of individual sanitary latrines for households below the poverty line with subsidy (80%) where demand exists.

b) Conversion of dry latrines into low-cost sanitary latrines.

c) Construction of exclusive village sanitary complexes for women providing facilities for hand pumping, bathing, sanitation and washing on a selective basis where there is not adequate land or space within

d) Setting up of sanitary marts.houses and where village panchayats

e) Total sanitation of villages through the construction of drains, soare willing to maintain the facilities.

f) Intensive campaign for awareness generation and health education to create a felt need for personal, household and environmental sanitation.

This ambitious programme is the need of hour as 48 per cent of India’s urban population has no access to toilets and the statistics in the rural areas is even worse – standing at 60 per cent.

IFTR will strive to work on selected areas viz. creating basic sanitation facilities, water pumping facilities for drinking, bathing and cleanliness. Educate women, unemployed and school children on the importance of sanitation and maintaining the environment clean and green. IFTR will also carry out studies on different / alternative models of disposal of night soil, urine and solid waste.