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Design, Develop and Disseminate Technologies for the Masses for Sustainable happiness.


IFTR aims to help maintain the society self-sustainably by carrying out programmes of social/rural importance for providing livelihood, income generation, and upliftment of poor through various means. IFTR will strive to restore the dignity and quality of life of masses by eliminating barriers to success through research, innovation, education, entrepreneurial development, design, develop and disseminate simple interventions. IFTR firmly believes in bridging the indigenous and traditional knowledge, wisdom and practices and using scientific advancement to bring a transition in human life for sustainable happiness by conservation and effective use of resources. IFTR is open for collaboration with like-minded organizations / Institutions / Commercial organizations and prepared to take up research and implementation programmes/projects that suit to its expertise to make this world happier. Let us all make our world a better place for all to have a sustainable life.


The objective of the society are Carry out projects of social/rural importance Give, provide, promote and /or render help and assistance to and /or implement any scheme/programme for providing a livelihood, income generation, and upliftment of poor through various means including utilizing the know-how of the society. Bring out the indigenous knowledge through research and carry out basic and applied research in frontier areas including energy, environment, food, natural resources, soil, and water Disseminate the technology designed and developed through research. Undertake such activities which will improve the quality of life of the rural folk. Identify research topics and pursue it for development and sustainability Undertake research on behalf of non-profit organizations, Government Institutions, Industries and other similar organizations. Grant, pay or give scholarships, stipends, prizes, rewards, allowance, and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to deserving individuals with a view to help them in promoting their talents, studies, research, development and profession. Collaborate with any private / Government authorities whether Central, State, Local, Municipal or otherwise in pursuance of the objects of the society.