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IFTR is a non profit research organisation registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Rules (Section 14; sub-section (i); 605/2002; 30.12.2002; Chennai) with registered office at 5, 1st street, Thillai Ganga Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai 600061. IFTRs interest is to take / deploy science and technology for the benefit of masses to improve their.

Immediate plans

IFTR will conduct training programmes, workshops to provide hands on training to deserving students in ecology, environment, biology and biotechnology; operate Research and Development Projects sponsored by external funding agencies (both Government and private) and take up exclusive research and extension programmes (CSR) from Industries and Corporate houses.

Focus area

The focus areas will be Research, extension and education in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Biomass, Energy, Environment, Forestry and areas related to them. IFTR will concentrate on techniques and procedures to accomplish the goals of developing technological processes for transformation of resources into useful products for further use by people. Examples of few areas will be Alternative agricultural and horticultural practices including mechanisation, Bioenergy, Food and Nutrition, Marine products, Plant tissue culture, Waste land development etc.

In addition to the above, the centre will join hands with like minded organizations to collect data on resources, approaches for growth and development of communities, providing alternative livelihood by conducting surveys and various appraisal methods.

Scientific Strength

IFTR is now steered by experienced retired professors from different institutions with expertise in bio inputs in agriculture , ecology, environmental studies, food, nutrition, health, entomology etc. In addition, it has scientists and extension specialists who can guide the programmes in such a way that it reaches the masses through organized routes. Where there is a lack of specialization, IFTR will take the help of researchers, scientists and specialists from other like minded organization to achieve the set goals.

Reaching the masses

IFTR will reach the masses through various approaches following the hub and spokes model where IFTR will form the axis and organizations (NGOs, VOs) working at the grass roots will form the spokes. This will be accomplished by conducting training programmes, workshops, seminars and joint meetings to help beneficiaries attend the meetings at their places of work.


IFTR will join hands with organizations, industries, educational institutions, departments working on research and development, extension and trainings to accomplish the set goals and objectives.


IFTR need resources for conducting Research, Develop and Disseminate knowledge to the masses. For this, IFTR invites donors to help in generating enough resources to achieve the goals.